A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Somewhere In Between ~ Nosipho Mtshali

If i should die, think only this of me
Of how i always smiled at you,
mesmerized by your beauty
Of how i always tried to make you happy
despite the challenges that we faced.

But you never saw through that smile,
that deep inside i was hurting.
You were never able to see
that my heart was nothing 
but an empty shell
And it was all because of you...

But i do not want you to feel guilty
for you did not know what you were doing.
You were caught up in the world
And its devious ways,

Nor do i want you to think that you are innocent
because trust me, you are far from that.
You made me string along behind you 
like a lost fool
You made me feel like a sheep with no direction

But forget about that, 
for i am now in a better place 
I am happier than i ever was 
or ever could be when i was around you.

And remember that you are not guilty,
nor are you innocent,
But floating somewhere in between.

©  Nosipho Mtshali

Grade 9

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