A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Goddess ~ King Dopey

O thine beauty evokes the jealousy of angels
Your voice the serenade heard even by deaf ears
Intelligence beyond my understanding
With wisdom that renders King Solomon a common fool
But I am the real fool
A mere outcast such as I,
charmed by a consecrated Being such as you

Imprisoned by my own fears,insecurities, inhibitions
Walls that keep you away from me
Boundaries that take away my voice
So I can never declare how much You mean to me

They often say love is just hormones,infatuation and lust,
nothing more and unreal
But within Your presence I beg to differ
Perfection beyond divine,too great to be mirrored,
yet you are still humble above all

Heartache and depression
All because of how I feel about You
I will regret solemnly what I am about to do

Sharp blade in hand and a noose to follow through
You are a Goddess to me and your light shines through
Yet I would rather take my own life
Than have my heart rejected and broken by You...

©  King Dopey

Grade 9

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