A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 24 March 2018

We Enter the Night to Tell Our Tale ~ Erin van Niekerk

We enter the night to tell our tale
about us females -
You say all we do is text away
or paint our nails every day
but let the truth unveil
for we women are as delicious as a cocktail
so sweet and nice
but we can knock you down like you slipped on ice.
We women hold the power to give birth to the next generation
who might stop war and exploitation
while we are here we will stand tall
never again will we fall
we will rise up until the stars
because that is what we are.
We women are queens
looking amazing in our jeans -
It's okay to admit that when we sway
we slay!
But appreciate us for our minds
not our behinds
because we are the ones who know when to put down the guns
and that might just save your future son.
We are more than just an object.
We deserve respect.
So what if we text every day?
Don't forget to message, hey...

© Erin van Niekerk

Grade 11

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