A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Silent For Too Long ~ Natasha de Jong

We've been silent for too long. We plead.
We. The different. Hiding away.
Listen to us.
In our minds we no longer exist.
It is our empty souls
our empty souls longing for something to fill the void.
We do not choose to feel like this. It's the way of life.
Stop hiding in the dark. Come out!
Our tears are falling watering the outside, draining the inside.
Fellow students, parents, friends.
it is written on white paper
yet, our generation is still dying.
People, we have cried for help.
People, stop walking around with closed eyes, closed hearts.
People, open up!
Listen to us, look at us, help us.
Look into the hollowness of our eyes.
The darkness of our souls.
Listen to us. We plead.
We have entered the night to tell our tale.
We hope you have heard us.
I hope you have heard me.
We are among you, we sit next to you.
Your sisters, brothers, friends, classmates.
Do not let us fade, no - not again.
Save us. Save our tears.
Save our soul. My spirit.
Save me.

© Natasha de Jong

Grade 11

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