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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Stolen Memories & Other Poems ~ Uwais Coetzee


The memories we made
were ours to keep.
And dream up new ones when
we went to sleep.
Happy ones , sad ones,
ones to cherish forever.
We kept them with us
and forgot them never.
Not even when we spoke less
And were talking like we didn't know.
Acting like strangers
Like together we didn't grow.
Maybe I was the one growing,
and you simply moved on.
I slowly realized the truth.
We'd never started but we were done.
Finished before beginning
That's a sad way to say it.
Although it's a sad experience
So the description is fit.
Our memories slipped ,
Into the space where you stood.
You walked and
Started looking good.
You were happier
I was alone.
But I never complained
I'd never moan.
Just a fake smile
To make things seen okay
but I wasn't
When alone I lay.
You left me thinking ,
about everything that day.
You stole our memories
when you walked away


we wanted a place
where things were different
where crying was normal
and tears were understood.
we wanted a place
where the screams were silence
where the lies were truth
and where love didn't hurt.
we wanted a place
where we could be us
where they could be them
where You could be Mine.
but that place didn't exist ,
the one where we were happy,
where people could understand
without needing to speak.
where the silence spoke volumes
and depression was joy
where tears stayed in our eyes
and didn't have to leave.
we looked and looked
for that different place ,
different like us ,
where I could hide my face.
where nobody would look
for my reasons for being sad
because here my reason is unexplained
but they don't understand that.
they don't understand.
some things are best left alone.
some rocks don't need uncovering.
some boxes don't need opening.
some days
don't need smiles.
And sometimes
just sometimes
we find this different place
where our sadness is normal
and you live at your pace.
where all the people have one thing in common
the common thing being our differences.
where we don't question our change.
don't question us on anything.
where some boxes are left closed
and some days don't have smiles.
where here you aren't judged
for sobbing on the tiles.
for wanting silence
and to live at your own pace.
for silence is all we'd hear
in this oh so different place.


Once upon a time
Before we got old
When we lived the summer
And hated the cold.
When we smiled all the time
and crying was for the weak
and times in class
were nothing but bleak.
Once upon a time
When we were free
when you could try anything
that you could see
when you were friends with everybody
and everyone could play
and nobody worried
about the things you'd say.
How times have changed
Like the leaves on the tree.
And the only person I could truly trust
was me.
I stood for what I wanted
But I stood alone.
And everyone suddenly
Became a drone.
We lived our lives
Seeking the cold
And crying was normal.
Or so we were told.
Now nobody is constant
And everything will change.
If you try to capture the past
suddenly you're too deranged.
Now people don't care
About the one who stands alone.
People don't care
About the one they had to trust.
People don't care about you.
They don't care.
Now they walk around
With hearts all bare
But smiling faces.
Like they don't care.
They go to school
Go home
And leave you there standing
Once upon a time
When happiness was mine.
Once upon a time
When things were fine.

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 11

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