A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Mangaliso Xaba ~ Two Poems


The pain I’ve ever felt
Comes back to haunt me every now and then.
The sad stories I’ve ever kept,
Are leading me closer to a lion’s den.
The pressure that I have dealt
Keeps adding weight upon my strength.
Am I still living life
Or I’m just not living right?
Even with my eyes closed
My emotions still pose.
Even with a crowd
My face is always in a frown.
Is this life fair
Or is it just a nightmare?
Nobody seems to ever care
Because nobody can ever dare
To live my life, as it is not a funfair.
PILLS and POTIONS roaming in my mind,
Am I next in the suicidal line?
Is there ever going to be a soul to remember this life of mine?


Being without her feels like I’ve lost an important key
She said I should move on and let me and her be.
That pained like an open wound being seasoned by a breeze,
It’s still too difficult for me to find peace.
She tells me her man can afford her a weave
And I’m just  a schoolboy bugging her like a bee.
I tell her that her relationship is not based on Love but on a spree,
She thinks she’s made it in Love but she is not free.
I should be intimidated by her as she’s always on fire
But my Love for her is too deep, she’s my desire.

© Mangaliso Xaba a.k.a. MangzNation

Grade 11

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