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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Alone & Other Poems ~ Uwais Coetzee


You try to make me feel
like you're there through everything
But I know what's real
I'm just that lonely king.
The king of my world
Because I'm alone in it
and have no one to talk to and nothing to do
Except on my throne sit.
I lie here everyday with
headphones on but nothing playing.
Because the music simply brings the words
That remind me of my pain.
It's simply my fate to be alone in this world
There's not much I can do.
So I'll sit here alone with my thoughts
I'll do me and you do you.
Nothing will ever change
I'll always be the same.
That one lonely person
Who never wins the game.
Who stays inside and ignores everyone
In the fear of getting hurt more.
But however I avoid it , it will always be
That my heart will be sore.
I like to think that you care
And maybe you'll show it some day.
But until then I'll be alone and
I'll always feel this way.
The only person I know truly
is me ,myself and I.
I'll probably live that way
Until the day I die.
This loneliness is everywhere
Through every tendon and every bone.
I guess life isn't meant to be shared.
I guess I'll live it alone.


We wanted to be the sky
and be stared at with awe.
The wholly perfect atmosphere
without a single flaw.
We wanted to ride the clouds
to find today's lost dreams.
To discover so many new things
our minds would burst at the seams.
But sometimes we were the storms.
On the other side of the silver lining.
The rain drops were our tears ,
when we were silently crying.
Silence until the thunder slowly followed
like the "Childhood is fun" talk from dad.
Little does he know that childhood is over
Or is this simply our version where our birthday wish was not to be sad.
We wanted to be the sky
And look down upon the rest of the Earth.
Have them look at us , for once
and not the other way around , since birth.
"You can be whatever you want" and
"Follow your dreams" they said.
We wanted to be the sky but we're simply
It's reflection in our tear stained bed.


One day when this is over
When were old and turning grey
We'll remember the summers the autumns , the springs
The cold winters in May.
Molded by time, we'll be forced to learn
And gain new memories.
We'll remember the family holidays,
The weeks we spent by the sea.
We'll remember the good things and the bad
When we look back and really try.
We'll be those old people who sit and remember
With the tears in our eyes.
As I think ahead to what I'll remember.
I think only of the now.
Will I remember the pains and aches ?
Will I remember the fakes and heartbreaks?
I survive but will I remember the how ?
My thoughts stay preoccupied
About how things will never be.
I think about what I'll think about
When I'm old and struggle to see.
I think about you and how you never stayed
You walked and wanted to be free.
When we're old and turning grey
Will you remember me ?

©  Uwais Coetzee

Grade 11

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