A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Second Place ~ Senior Section

Cosmos Don't Lie 

Looking at the open cosmofield from my back window
I believe that sometime in the future good things are going to happen
That someday, I will again acquire the strength and energy
To run across the open field, plucking flowers on my way
That not long from now, I will pull the petals of the cosmos one by one
revealing that open secret I had once been expecting.
They say cosmos don't lie...
He loves me.

But now as doubt fills my head in an avalanche
I try to maintain the same optimism
What seems right, surely must be the right thing
But that cannot always be the case because in school
I was taught that my subject must agree with my verb
Or else my sense is incorrect.
It feels like ages ago,  as I no longer make any attempt to apply that principle,
Concord, not cosmos.
If in a sentence, a verb must agree with its subject,
Then in life, the future must correspond with the past.

I remember once when I looked at the open field from my back window
I remember running through the field while plucking cosmos
And pulling the petals off, one by one.
It feels like ages ago, a memory long dormant.
This is all in the past (the curtains of my back window now remain closed)
They say cosmos don't lie.
I said cosmos don't lie...
He loves me not.

Andiswa Gwala 
Grade 10EHN

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