A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 17 September 2016

First Place ~ Junior Section


They have returned, those vicious beasts,
Burning , breaking, plundering, pillaging-
Pure evil, they feast.

My baby boy, snatched from my hand
My warmth, my love
Replaced with cold, hard steel.
A rifle! NO !  I kneel, I beg, I pray…I stand.

Beaten, broken, battered; anger burns in me
But still my eyes plea!
Leave my baby boy, he’s only three

Blood curdling screams
Tears down my face stream
My baby boy I see
MAMA! Mama! PLEASE help me!

Agonising pain, as I fall
Blood oozing, I hear a victory call
My baby boy, a decade gone
A man-child, a soldier of war, over me he stands tall.

Rifle placed upon my head
My baby boy, what life have you lead
Eyes cold, he stares at me – so old
Lost Soul !
Trigger squeezes bullets fly
My son…It is I…your mama…

Keara  Singh
Grade 8EMM

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