A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Highly Recommended

* * *

The Past is a Foreign Country

A foreign country
We once lived in.
A country of sadness, oss and
A cou‎ntry of hate, crime and

But, as it passes with time
Its daily emigrants breed
Love, peace and happiness.

For this cataclysmic country that
Has shamed humanity,
Is the father of our peaceful future.

Sakhiso Mabizela
Grade 10

* * *


I saw a mistress today as
Thy beauty, a Daisy amongst a field of lilies
In an attempt, I asked her name
And in that instant
I was mesmerized and hypnotized
Put in a fliverless trance
For her reply was like the sweet taste
Of the river Thames on my tongue
Monica...Monica Anele Flynn
Dead silence crept in like a thief in the night
As a man approached,
Bleached in the stain of the innocent
As he wore blue sergeant’s uniform.
He enquire what is happening
For you see, my friend
He was hers and she was his
Or so he thought...

Kimaal Ramdharie
Grade 10

* * * 

Predator & Prey

In the high grass of the savannah
There I lay with my heart pounding
My enemy passes with not a clue of where I lay
I let out a sigh knowing I had a second chance.
I hear a roar and lift my head through the tall grass
for a peep, my biggest mistake,
and now the chase is on
then after a few agonising minutes
it was all over, the hunter claimed his prize
a lovely new lion fur coat.
I then pranced along keeping in mind
who the real predators are…

Ethan Johnston

* * * 


Running always running
Forced to be quick and cunning
Stay on track keep up with the pack
Lions hot on my heels
Searching for their next meal
This is the life of prey
Live through it i may
For i must never be lead a stray
Running always running.

Jason Monhurel
Grade 9

* * *

The Past is a Foreign Country

Why talk about the past
if the future is here, my friend?
Why talk about a country
if you don't like it? It is two
different thing but have similar
meanings. Don't worry about
the past, worry about your future.
I ask you this question, my fellow friend,
Why talk about the past if the future is here?

Lindokuhle Mbatha
Grade 8

* * *


Sly               Silent

Stalking         Hunting       Devouring

Ferocious      Menacing      Naive     Innocent

Scattering         Hiding         Fleeing

Victim            Sufferer


Aishwari Parthab
Grade 8

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