A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 19 March 2016

#ThatStatueMustFall ~ Zaynab Asmal

Bring it down.
Apartheid is over
On paper and in the history books
But our eyes see white and black still
(Forget the other colours – this is not their fight)

Bring it down.
The administration doesn’t care for us.
Textbooks bleed us dry
White men and women still (de)grade us
(When will we see our own race?)

Bring it down
We are not welcome here
We are still surrounded by too many others
We are still the other
Never mind if they feel the same
We are not welcome here
(But loneliness is not so easily cured)

©  Zaynab Asmal

Matriculant 2013

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