A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Friday, 18 March 2016

I want to write a poem about the moon ~ Zaynab Asmal

I want to write a poem about the moon

In all her glowy glory

I want to talk about the sun

without calling it a ball or a disc that fries my eyes

I want to describe green growing things

and breezes fluttering through wind chimes

I want you to taste the bitterness on my tongue

And picture each frown upon my character's face

but this page is blank as my stilled hand

and once I can face and discard its white lie

I realise I'm not that kind of author

I couldn't smooth talk my way to a free drink if I tried

I'd just stand there and smile because the moment I open my mouth

you'd run from my tirades and discussions of death

and god and my appalling lack of manners

but what good is 'how are you?' when you answer in monosyllables

when I want thunderstorms

I want to feel your passion, understand your ire

break down the walls you built for a reason I can't yet discern

but until you're willing to let down your gate

I can either stand there and smile

or whip out my ineloquence

and hope you stick along for the ride.

© Zaynab Asmal 

Matriculant 2013 

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