A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Friday, 18 March 2016

On the hopelessness of social conventions ~ Zaynab Asmal

I have broken my bones to fit your spaces
I have walked the hard path worn smooth by the smiling masses
I have been patted on the back by empty words
I have stared into the face of acceptance and spat

Because I’m tired of waiting for someone to ignite me
Tired of hoping someone will see me
Tired of forcing myself to feel for someone
When my mind is focused on other things

I have lived in this brainless slaughterhouse too long
And I have come to love myself too much to stay
where my wings will be butchered for the sake of a sun
And my womb is just another sacrifice
To the shining temple of patriarchy

(It’s strange that the first man to kiss me, to repulse me
Is the first that helped free me)

So maybe I did need that burning touch
That unknowingly helpful hand
Because now I know that nothing more is needed
Just my heart, my head, and all my broken pieces

© Zaynab Asmal

Matriculant 2013

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