A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Friday, 22 May 2015

Two Poems by Mvelo Ndlovu

The Pencil Case

The eraser erased my bad habits
While the pencil drew in new ones.
The glue stick glued on a whole new face.
As the scissors cut away my background and past,
The ball point pen then made changes permanent,
While the colour pencils shaded in my body.

The calculator changed my way of thinking,
as the sharpener grazed over my rough edges.
Finally... the ruler.
I had to measure up to your standards.

Now me and you,
We walk, talk and think the same.
Two moving as one.

I don't even know who I've become,
What I was before.
You've changed me more than
You'll ever know.


You Think You Own Me

Touch my gentle yet crumbled heart...
Whisper to the ears that await your angelic voice...
Give me that promise.
Love without hesitation
But I will refuse it because
You think you own me.

I trusted and you betrayed.
Your eyes once vowed, "Nothing would tear us apart"
But you slipped away.
It kills me inside.

I reckon you've had your share of jams and jamborees,
lines of suitors and one-night stands
And your slow-beating, cold heart lingers
For the fools that love you.

Never, never again shall my breakdowns be the cause of misery
In missing your lips, your voice, your love because I think it wasn't there.
So I'm giving up now. Don't seem shocked.
You know you took me for granted cause you just thought
You owned me.

Copyright Mvelo Ndlovu


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