A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Three Short Form Poems ~ Malwazi Moholi


I look at you
Praying to see affection
And affection I don't see
It hurts
To know I don't know
What you feel
Your feelings are unknown
Your glances are familiar, though,
I don't know what to think
So as I slowly walk away
My fingers crossed
For you to stop me
And tell me
You still like me


*Truly Divided*

I am divided
Slowly drifting
Between two loves
My typical annoying class friend
Or my first love who hurt me

Love is tough
The fight hurts
The kisses are sweet
With a sting
But shattering...
Nobody understands

I love him
I like him
I need him
I want him
What to do?

I'd rather be hurt
Than do the hurting


*Forever and Always My BFF*

The sun
Shining down on her
Dancing, Singing and having fun
My bestfriend
Annoyingly, Beautifully
Loved by me and many more

© Malwazi Moholi


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