A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Two Poems by Zinhle

Lord, It's Fine

Lord, it's fine if they don't
see eye to eye with me.
Lord, it's fine if they can
do a way better job than I can.
Lord, it's fine if they undermine
my authorities.
Lord, it's fine if they tease me
about how I look.
Lord, it's fine!
Well, then I remember that You too
were hated by many
yet loved by few.
So it's fine!
Lord, I've learnt that you
give me more power than any
powerade drink.
You give me more knowledge
than any professor
and so the heart seeks
more attention
than what the mind thinks.
So it's fine!
Lord, You are my Redeemer
Lord, You are my Hope
Lord, You are my Faith
Lord, You are my Wisdom
Lord, You are my Shield
Lord, You are my Eternal Life
Therefore, it's fine!


The Day You Cut My Hair

Oh my! How I hated that day
I felt so uneven
I felt so unwanted
I felt so unhelpful
My dearest teacher, Why me?
As I entered the door
you grabbed my hand
you took a pair of scissors
The whole class froze in anticipation
and all the way through my hair you went
Oh my! How I hated that day
'My pretty long hair,' I cried
'Why, why, why, why?' I asked
You never replied
and so I cried my eyes out
in hopes that the whole school
would hear me
Yet you gave me a grin and said,
'Please, Zinhle, just stop it!'
Oh my! How I hated that day!

Zinhle Ndlovu


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