A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My Final Goodbye, Friend ~ Asanda Makhubo

(Dedicated to my late best friend Ziyanda Hlela)

No one understands the way I feel
Why the good die so young,
My world feels constantly hazy though,
I do not show it
My world is like a muddy puddle
When I think about you,
When I cry I tell myself “stop crying you don’t cry”
Then I remember why I feel a torturing pain in me
She is already dead get over it I hear,
It’s really not that easy
No matter how hard I try I’ll never get you back
I lie when I say I’m okay to go to school and face all of those faces
My head feels cloudy,
As I stand in front of the school frozen in my steps
The breeze flicks my hair back and forth
The day feels colder than usual
Colder than winter,
Because she is not here to warm me up with her presence
Silently screaming in my head as the world continues swirling around me
My best friend
She is gone but I’m okay
I can now feel her presence around me
I cry because I never said goodbye
She was my guardian angel, a sister
I can now say she passed on without bursting into tears,
“Heart problems” I will always whimper
It’s in God’s hands now
And I will never doubt his decision
Because she is still here watching over me
This is my final goodbye,
Ziyanda I will never forget you
Rest in peace and yes I will always love, you…

© Asanda Makhubo


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