A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Eternal Happiness ~ Nsiki Gwala

Happiness is the most fulfilling thing.
It's the touch of life which resurrects deceased spirits,
Like the cerulean sky, which gives freedom
to those who soar in it.
I'm reminded of hours spent near serene blue oceans,
Where my spirit was at peace-
Free from all burden, which had trapped my soul
In a ciphered cage of everlasting misery.
As Autumn creeps into our lives,
A feeling of emptiness lingers in the cold air,
(Mocking warm memories of happiness)
Because Autumn is a broken record stuck on a melancholy melody
Which serenades the dying nature into the next life.
I see dark clouds hanging over the Drakensberg,
As though mourning the death such beauty;
And I wish for the feeling of eternal happiness
To cleanse my troubled soul.

© Nsiki Gwala


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