A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Three Poems about Love ~ Celine Hatting


On nights when clouds smother stars
I wonder what it might have been like
had our young bluejay not
been plucked from us before it first flew
and before we'd learned to pay.

I wonder whether we would've withered
 - we were, after all, gardenless weeds -
and whether we'd have grown to be
(as we are nonetheless)
one, broken and proud
one, false and broken.

But as the stars shine through those malicious clouds
I am glad
we were not brave -
I was not honourable
and you were not noble
but I am less blind than I was then
and I am glad
we did not have to die.



Take a bite out of me.
Sink in your teeth: rip.
Take nibbles and chunks
memories and sky-falls
pause to savour my iron hue
Then swallow.
Swallow me whole
disperse me entirely
Knitting our enzymes and molecules together
until we are nothing but one body, soul, mind.
Let the parasites of my tainted flesh
creep from your tummy-box
and reside in your mind.
To the front, right behind your skull and eyes
to see what you see
through your eyes.
What are you waiting for?
Conscience plays no part.



In everything
He was my starlight.

At times when I
Thought I was lost...
Evening melted with dawn;
You came back -
Over and over like
Underground caves bursting with
Mediterranean tides.

Over and over -
Thought I, lost, did not deserve him.
He came back.
Every time.
Renewing me.

© Celine Hatting

Matriculated 2014

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