A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Epiphany ~ Celine Hatting

I will not lie to you -
this poem is bare.

There is no deeper meaning,
no syllable counts,
and no perfectly planned stanzas.

There is no hidden message,
no underwire,
and no witty play on words.

I have not chosen my words
Rather, I have sprayed them
bombastically across the page,
hoping they will somehow
find their way to each other.

And if these confused words happen
to qualify as poetry,
I would be so grateful -
because that would mean
that I have something
out of nothing
just as words have made something
out of me.

© Celine Hatting 

Matriculated 2014 


  1. My special thanks go to Celine for allowing me to be the first reader of her collection of poems. It is a privilege I greatly appreciate.

    1. My most heartfelt thanks go out to you, Mrs Clark - for everything x

  2. Celine--this is such a moving poem. There is nothing bombastic about it--actually--although the word works well in the poem--it is touching, human, and very effectively written. Thanks for sharing. K.

    1. I love that you appreciate this x I am glad it has had a positive impact!

  3. The bareness here is richer than ornament or form--and the clarity of the poem thus has a particular coherence and beauty of its own. I especially like the forward move to resolution in the last two stanzas--which feels very natural and uncontrived, yet rich.

    1. Thank you, I greatly value your feedback x

  4. Very much enjoyed reading all Celine Hatting's poems — their language, their sure poetic instinct, and their combination of emotional passion with intellectual clarity.

    1. This means so much to me - I've always been terrified to share these poems in case they weren't what I intended them to be, but this feedback is better than I could've dreamed. I will definitely take Mrs Clark's advice and consider publishing them! x


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