A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Life War and Other Poems ~ Celine Hatting


Text me first, damnit.
Bring me flowers.
hold doors open.
take my hand and
look at me like
I put the stars in the sky -
because you want to,
not because you have to.

Talk to me -
make poetry of it,
record it,
imprint it into the very
memory of your breakthroughs -
and know.
Know that I will be here
to read it over and over:
because I want to,
 not because I have to.

Build a bubble with me,
and as time escapes us,
pull me in closer
and make our dome smaller
until it is but you and I,
and the world a
rainbow-reflection on the surface
of our sky.



Burn me
as I have burned you.
But do not use the candle I did,
oh no -
use the scornful words and gazes
of those breathing
to scorch me bare
'till I scream out and regret
not running
when our two stars
first met
and collided
 - shone briefly -
then faded.
For one must choose to
be part of 'society'
or 'love' freely
and I did not choose you.



Rectify me.
Inject your chemical perspective
into the spectrum of my platonic iris
to make blue frost
on the windows to my soul
clear and balanced and summery.
Make my life-taught cynicism
collapse; give way to the
ocean-liner oil-spilt rainbow
  - choke it down -
turn it to idealism.
Turn my heavy black feathers
to white fluttering wings.
Take on a duty
that you were not born with
and have no obligation to take.
Cut me deep.
Diminish the creeping, diseased problems.
Sew me up.
Rectify me.

© Celine Hatting 

Matriculated 2014 

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