A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Friday, 13 July 2018

I Want to Fall in Love Again ~ Naadir Vorajee

I'd like to see her golden face
and feel her heart when we embrace:
A beat so strong, it'll pulse through me
A one-eyed look: Through souls I'll see

A want to feel her warmth surround:
A feeling that never touches the ground
A feeling that only us two share -
An angel walks in Eden, bare...

I wish to hear her tender voice sing
A silent hymn that makes me ring
like bells that call a man to pray
and lead the innocent not a stray

I must  smell her familiar scent,
that once a lonely man's heart straight-bent
that always guided me back to my home
and helped the soldiers that built up Rome

I need to taste her untouched skin
and release our souls locked deep within:
Make us one, to find our place
and bind us both like a knot of lace

This thing called love transcends our space
Our senses does it too embrace
But deeper than we can come to know
its bounds does it not care to show
Perhaps to us, it may never kneel,
why then, do we strive to its ideal?

©  Naadir Vorajee

Matric 2013

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