A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Him and I ~ Aphelele Buthelezi

This is a story about him and I
How we both felt broken
and both our truths were unspoken.
How we loved hard before
and both our hearts were sore.
How our hearts needed to heal
and why we wanted to kill -
kill every ounce of pain that cut beneath our skin
and how this apprehension made us kith and kin
This is no customary story - not one with a knight and shining armor and a fairy godmother
But one that has two people entering a rehab from love together just to heal each other.
How he changed reality into his dream
and all he did was write
How she wanted to hold him
and put all the pieces back together so he can be alright
She chases and she falls
From one love to the next
She runs and she trips
From one ship to the 'best'
And when she finally felt at home
It was as though he was loveblind
As though her love to him was just a fiend
We live in a pretentious world -
a world where the truth looks like a lie
a "hello, how are you?" Feels like a goodbye.
Where an "I love you" sounds like a "That's my cue"
my cue to let love past right in front of me
my cue to back off
my cue to let him choose
Whether he wants us to fuse or let her loose.
She was his blanket to his shivers, his defroster to his frozen,
His food to his hunger, his blood to his heart and his tongue to his speech
But it was though he was loveblind
As though her love to him was just a fiend
This world full of hurt :
How him and I try to stay sane
And are too scared to love again.
This is the story about him and I.

© Aphelele Buthelezi

Grade 12

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