A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Poetry Writing Month

Today is the anniversary of Maya Angelou's birthday ~ 4 April ~ and I make this call to my students of poetry to pick up your pens and turn your thoughts into art. Poetry is the finest form of the written or spoken word, and everyone is capable of the achievement - be it one poem or thirty.

This is your forum. I am your editor. Send me your poems!

The Poetic Stranger

I am the worm in the heart that feeds on death
cocooned in the silk of evening tears;
I am the dormant corm deep in the bitter mire
of every deserted battlefield;
I am the black eagle, storm-divided from my mate
flying an uneven course with bent wings;
I am the rocky outcrop above the vale, the vantage
of lonely height, one misstep from the plunge;
I am the poetic stranger you may pass on the street
whose words you’ll never read.

But my mind is open wide to the page of your need;
my eyes have looked upon your death and seen release;
my heart has been dismantled, so that yours may mend;
my body I have consigned to the trenches,
to the worms’ grim feast,
so that a single creative truth
may emerge from my life’s work
like the carrion butterfly rising from the corpse of history
that knows yet how to fly and shine blue.

© K.L. Clark


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