A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

"She wants to travel..." ~ Jowairiyya Khan


She wants to travel
She wants to experience all the amazing qualities of this universe
She wants to feel the autumn wind on her fragile skin
She wants to feel the ocean wash away her sins
She wants to feel the roughness of the sand rub against her body
She wants to taste the almost icy looking salt on her lips
She wants to jump off a cliff...
to feel an adrenaline kick
She wants to do so many things

Yet , her sorrows , sins and anxiety stop her

When she’s on the edge
When she’s about to move
When she’s about to jump
Her mind says no
She is confined in her own little bubble
With No explanation as to why she can’t...

Strange thing
having to suffer and not know why...

The unknown monster puts her life on hold,
Keeps her chained like an animal
It makes her feel like she can live
Although, when she takes a step forward
It makes her take five steps back,
According to him
The confidence she lacks

Peculiar thing it is to live with
But I suppose without struggles
Life would just be a myth.

©  Jowairiyya Khan

Grade 11

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