A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Astronomy ~ Nash Aniruth

[Her] name is written on every last granule of sand
In the sky
The vast ocean of darkness
To which [she] brings light,
and eternal happiness
and [her] smile radiates at the speed of infinity light years
per second
making the stars jealous.
I often find myself pondering...

Can I keep up with the universe?

-Perhaps [she] has become my universe-

For my love resides within [her] soul
The vast darkness
that is my home
Illuminated purely by the celestial-

-packets of energy
Which float
through time and space.

So some day
when you ask me...
What is love?
I'll reply

Darling, love is the alpha
and the omega,
The unjustifiable phenomenon that occurs
within us all.

The radiant energy
and scent of your soul
as it feels my warm embrace
never letting go.

[You] and [I]
and everything
around us


Yes, 'we' are made of love
and it cannot be quantified.

©  Nash Aniruth

Grade 12

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