A Collection of Original Poetry by Students of Ladysmith High School

Friday, 8 April 2016

A Fatal Affair ~ Malwazi Moholi

Is it okay to push someone to their breaking point?
Is it okay to make someone feel so despicable?
Is it okay to always daunt someone?
Do you see what pain you're causing me?
Do you see my tears behind closed doors?
Do you know how much effort it takes for me to grin a smile?

Why do you hurt me with your harsh words?
Why is it that everything I do is never good enough for you?
Why are you ashamed and embarrassed of me?
What did I do to make you resent me so much?
What are you trying to execute?
What can I do make it okay?

Is it okay for me to keep feeling so melancholy?
Do I ever see myself happy again?
Why am I not good enough?
What did I do so wrong to get treated this way?

Don't we all make mistakes?

It is so monumental how people go through lengths
To make someone think they are not good enough to enjoy the gift of life.
That they're a waste of time.

Or is it?

©  Malwazi Moholi

Grade 10

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