Friday, 30 October 2020

I'm Still Standing ~ Mfezi Sibisi

 Despite your continuous effort to end me i'm as alive as can be , despite your over usage of my amenities and your depletion of my resources i am still active in my existence tending to those you injure in your devious process or attempt to dominate me .

I have made efforts to retaliate but you continuously defy me. The anguish you have caused amongst my residence cannot compare to the agony you will face if your defiance of my laws is a road you are not willing to cut off. Your animosity shall not go unpunished as you continuously ignore my mercenaries amongst you which was my last attempt for peace. Till your species is extinct i shall not me be at rest.

As the impulse to do the right thing is imbedded in every single one of you , yet you choose not only to ignore it but you do the exact opposite , i am far from disappointed i'm neck deep in rage. Mhh man-kind what irony, though i admit there are some decent souls amongst you , there simply aren't enough for the word kind to be situated adjacent to man.

I haven't much to say accept if you deem it fit to defy your co-creator i personally do not see the positivity in your existence .


© Mfezi Sibisi


Grade 10


A Disappointed Mother ~ Mfezi Sibisi

 I've seen tons of organisms come and go but none like this species, i'm quite proud that my climate gave birth to such smart creatures or better yet provided the preferred sustenance for such a marvelous race of unified organisms.

Throughout the love i disperse amongst my organic children there are none i value more than humanity , allase humanity does not value me . I'm afraid i've let humanity suck on my nourishing teat of life for too long , "i've corrupted them"

I provided too much of a sanctuary for them gleaming with an array of resources fit for the gods (meaning gold and diamonds end product -"jewellery"),they've taken advantage . As the parent of this race i blame myself for their actions as i am the catalyst who favored them overall my children hoping they would bring peace among my continuously conflicted kids but now i've come to realise i was sorely mistaken , (sigh) i have a co-ordinated monster "who will eventually become the death of me.


© Mfezi Sibisi
Grade 10

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Paper Plane ~ Nkazimulo Mvemve

Nkazimulo Mvemve

Matriculant 2019

An Open letter to Nobody in Particular ~ Uwais Coetzee

Phrases in motion continue to be spoken to ears that feel no remorse for ignoring pleas. Eyes drift, hearts beat, and feet keep shaking bodies from succumbing to gravity and pain working in tandem to bring us to the earth. You see, life never waited for you and I. “Time waits for no one” and so I write letters to no one in particular hoping that time wait for them to be read. Your mind may race. Your feelings may be potent. Your ideas could be revolutionary. “Time waits for no one.” No matter how gutting it may be. Whether tears roll or shoulders shake, your eyes may be swollen, and your hands chafed from wiping salt from your face. Your soul may be trying to sell itself for liberation and your heart beats itself up every day without another heart taking pity upon it. Regardless of all these things the rain continues to fall even when you do not see it.

© Uwais Coetzee

Matriculant 2018

Proudly Black ~ Zanini Msomi

Her smile,
Her dark hazelnut eyes,
Her coarse African hair
And her brown chocolate skin.
She is a black woman.
No, she's a proudly black woman.

Her confidence runs till the ends of the earth.
From the way she sways her hips as she takes on the world,
To the way she clicks her tongue as she kindly picks her words.
She is proudly black.

From her dark skin,
To her frizzy hair.
Her tongue, her tongue is of confusion
And her eyes an illusionment.
She has Rwanda in her blood
And Africa in her heart.

Many have tried to take her down fearing her rise,
But many have failed, underestimating her drive.
She holds the world in her arms,
The stars in her eyes and the universe in her heart.

She is a masterpiece of art,
Made with no mistakes right to her heart.
She is not beautiful for a black woman,
She is beautiful because she is a black woman.

©Zanini Msomi

Grade 12